What You Should Know About The H-1B Visa

An H-1B visa may give you or someone you know the chance to settle in the United States legally for a period of time and might even make the process of applying for permanent residency easier. This visa entitles holders to work in certain specialized sectors that require advanced education and training for employment. An H-1B visa lawyer can answer any questions about this type of visa and offer representation in an immigration court if necessary. Read More 

2 Defenses Against Deportation

Deportation is a scary possibility for immigrants in the United States. Immigrants facing this issue need to take swift action and understand that there are defenses that can challenge deportation. Contrary to popular belief, deportation is not an immediate process. The matter must go through the judicial system.  Asylum This is an option available to individuals who can provide proof that they will be in danger if they get deported. Immigration laws protect immigrants based on whether they will be persecuted for being a part of a certain social group, their political opinions, their race, religion, or nationality. Read More